The Adventures of Lizzy and Jo, Air Pirates!

Looking for more Lizzy and Jo stories by author K.C. Shaw but don't know where to find them? Here's your source!

Lizzy and Jo In chronological (in-story) order, not published order:

Fox Pockets Pirates anthology
Jo and Lizzy meet and immediately start causing problems for other people.

A Cloud Like a Bunny
Fox Pockets Shapeshifters anthology
Jo finds out what scares her, and it's not crashing her airship.

Plague Ship (forthcoming)
Steampunk Monster Hunter: The Dark Monocle anthology
Bounty hunting is easy money. Right?

Ghosts and Hydrogen
New Legends anthology
Jo buys an aetherometer and swears to Lizzy she knows what it does.

The Pukk-Pool (forthcoming)
Fox Pockets Under the Waves anthology
Lizzy really needs to learn how to swim.

Eggs Full of Flame
Steampunk: The Other Worlds anthology
Jo's ship is not fireproof.

...And a Bottle of Rum
Avast, Ye Airships anthology
There must be a reason that blimp is so well protected.

Art by Jenny Haines